BP and Sempra U.S. Gas & Power will jointly develop a 21-MW wind farm in Hawaii


BP and Sempra U.S. Gas & Power will jointly develop a 21-MW wind farm in Hawaii

By Greentech Lead America: Sempra U.S. Gas & Power,
a developer of renewable energy and natural gas solutions, and BP
Wind Energy, a wind power generating company, will jointly develop
the 21-MWAuwahi Wind farm in Hawaii. This is the fifth project developed
under a strategic partnership between the two companies.

The Auwahi Wind farm is expected to generate enough
renewable power for approximately 10,000 average Maui homes. The project will
utilize eight Siemens wind turbines to generate power. The
construction of the project is scheduled to complete by the end of the second
quarter 2012.

Sempra U.S. Gas & Power will continue leading the development
of Auwahi Wind and operate the project once construction is complete.

“Our companies share a commitment to building and
operating the Auwahi Wind farm in a way that reflects Maui’s commitment to
environmental protection. We look forward to providing a stable supply of clean
power to the region and becoming a long-term partner with the local
community,” said Jim Sahagian, vice president of renewables for Sempra
U.S. Gas & Power.

The Auwahi Wind farm will utilize a battery storage unit
capable of storing in excess of 4 megawatt hours of renewable power. This
stored electricity will help to regulate the intermittent wind power, providing
a valuable source of grid stability for Maui Electric Company.

This new source of locally-produced wind power helps
Hawaii reach its clean energy goal to secure 40 percent of its electricity from
renewable sources by 2030.

Under a long-term power purchase agreement, Maui
Electric Company will buy the entire power generated by the project.

“BP is once again proud to partner with Sempra U.S.
Gas & Power to grow our investment in the renewable power sector to produce
essential sources of cost-competitive energy to our customers,” said John
Graham, president and CEO, BP Wind Energy.