Wartsila 50SG engines

Wartsila to supply engines for power plant at Sabodala-Massawa gold mine

Wartsila said it will supply an 18 MW extension to the power generating facility and upgrade the electrical and automation system of the existing...


Shell LNG

Shell to buy four solar plant projects from Anesco

Shell recently announced its deal with Anesco to buy four solar plant projects with a total capacity of 100 MW. Anesco has been working on...


Vestas offshore wind turbine

California reveals offshore wind planning goals

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has approved a set of offshore wind planning goals, as directed by the state’s AB 525 law, aimed at developing up to 5...


BHP investment in renewable energy

BHP plans Capex of $7.6 bn in 2023 fiscal

BHP is planning capital and exploration expenditure of approximately $7.6 billion in 2023 fiscal and $9 billion for the 2024 financial year, including a...



EV maker Faraday Future to raise up to $600 mn in...

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric, the electric-vehicle startup, said it will raise up to $600 million in funding. Faraday aims to deliver its FF 91 luxury...
Top EV makers in the world in H1 2022

Top Electric Vehicle makers in first half

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