Salute to Sun God


Traditionally Sun has been worshipped as God in many religions and cultures across the world, but ironically it took millions of years for us to realize the actual potential of Sun God. The proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention” can be quoted here aptly. We turn to solar energy today because a necessity has arisen.

Energy crisis did not occur over a fortnight. It was the inevitable to happen to mankind thanks to population growth and modernization! (and the next is the food crisis and water crisis .. ..beware!)

The good news is that we have realized the importance of renewable energy at least now. The bad news, however, is that we are too late to realize that. When I was small around 25 years ago, I had learnt about solar photovoltaic cells and their importance. That time I also learnt that because of the costs involved in developing the technologies, solar photovoltaic technologies have not been gaining popularity.

Had we shown the same interest that we show today to develop solar PV technologies some 25 years back, the world would have looked so different today! Not only solar, we now have produced several wind farms and biofuel refineries to supplement the traditional energy sources. However, the path to renewable resources has not been easier, especially for poor countries.

It’s important for the governments across the world to realize that renewable energy is the future, for that alone can meet the future needs. The omni-present wind and solar energy is waiting to be exploited. We have been ignoring that power all this while. It’s high time we wake up to the realities and do something for our future generations.

While we remind the governments to step up their renewable energy initiatives, we also urge them to be cautious about impending issues such as food and water crisis and adopt immediate measures to prevent the worst to happen!

Rajani Baburajan