Ming Yang launches commercial trial of SDC turbine prototype

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited

Wind turbine maker China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited has launched commercial trials of its super compact drive (SCD) offshore wind turbine prototype near Rudong in Jiangsu Province, China. The 6.5MW platform, which can be expanded and developed to a series of wind turbine generators (WTGs) with capacities ranging from 5MW to 7MW, started operations this month, the company has reported in a statement.

The SCD wind turbine prototype features a two-blade design with a light weight permanent magnet generator and is able to adapt to extreme offshore weather conditions, particularly in typhoon-prone regions.

Chuanwei Zhang, the chairman and CEO of Ming Yang said: “Our model provides customers with a cost-effective solution for wind farm projects in typhoon-prone coastal areas of eastern and southern China, potentially one of the world’s largest offshore markets.”

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“Ming Yang is planning to develop an three-blade SCD wind turbine model, specializing in catching low speed wind to seize the huge market opportunities by providing a wider product mix as well as value-added services, as the PRC government continues to push for renewable energy solutions in an effort to combat air pollution,” Zhang added.

Ming Yang had announced the successful completion of hte project in June 2013 and stated that installation and testing were expected to commence in the third quarter of that year.