World Bank supports Uzbekistan’s agriculture and water management

World Bank will provide a US $410 million loan for two upcoming agricultural projects in Uzbekistan, reported Trend news agency, Azerbaijan.

Uzbekistan’s economy heavily depends on agricultural production. Agriculture in Uzbekistan is entirely dependent on irrigation. Cotton is Uzbekistan’s main cash crop. They are world’s sixth largest producer of cotton in the world.

An amount of US $150 million will be allocated for horticultural sector while another US$260.72 million for water resource management related projects in South Karakalpakstan.

These projects are planned for supporting small and medium-sized enterprise development in agricultural production within the country through technical assistance, access to credit resources and creation of more job opportunities in agro-related sectors like manufacturing, trading and export, reports the news agency.

The horticultural development project is designated and designed for eight different regions in Uzbekistan. Water management project in South Karakalpakstan involves processes like irrigation network rehabilitation and water management practice improvisation in one of the poorest regions of country, according to the news.

Farmers will get assistance for developing a gravity off-take from reservoir and dismantling all lower pumping stations present in the project area.

Effective water resource management solutions and irrigation lead to increased agricultural production boosting up adaptability for climate changes, the news agency quoted World Bank officials.