Smart technology rules consumer water treatment systems market

Smart technology and electronics have influenced consumer water treatment systems market, says a new report titled, “Key Findings in the Consumer Water Treatment Systems in the US Study.”

From water softeners to water pitchers, products are now available with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to allow the user to monitor the status of the water softening and filtration.

Consumers can use personal computers or smartphones to connect to their equipment and check the status of operations. Advanced electronics provide benefits to the consumer and supplier, reminding users to replace consumables, keeping systems running properly while promoting timely sales of consumables, the report said.

A strong housing market is driving the demand for consumer water treatment systems.  Also, the recent water quality crises and issues have garnered widespread attention from consumers, resulting from heavy coverage in traditional and social media.

Many products, especially flow-through and faucet-mounted units, now come with smart-enabled electronics or light indicators that inform the user that is time to replace the water filter.

Water softener technology, which has also seen strong advances in recent years, is making use of better electronic systems that improve efficiency. New water softeners use electronics to monitor water usage and hardness to determine the proper time to recharge the mineral tank in the softener.