Inland Empire water agencies to launch water conservation campaign

Around fifteen water agencies and California government from Inland Empire are planning to launch iEfficient, a coordinated multimedia public outreach campaign to urge water conservation.

The advertising campaign will be kicked off with an event including freeway billboards and social media engagement at the Inland Empire 66ers game on July 22 seeking support from local residents and businesses to end water waste in the Inland Empire. connects customers to existing tools and provides information on how to put those resources to work.

The site, and a mobile app under development, provides information of 15 water agencies and local governments, making water efficiency convenient for all.

Not long ago, Governor of state declared emergency and asked citizens to cut water usage by 20 percentage. Local bodies are aiming to accomplish this deadline through iEfficient.

Bob Tincher, manager, water resources, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, said, “By collaborating, maximum public reach is obtained who are considered as vital part of the solution. We are partnering with agencies as well as the community to conserve. IE has to prove that water conservation is a serious issue.”

According to the sources, this drought condition seems to stay for long and by making conservation a way of life water resources can be secured for future.