Danfoss launches District Energy in Cities initiative in India

Danfoss Industries, in association with EESL has partnered with the United Nations for introducing the District Energy in Cities initiative in India.

As part of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, six cities in India including Thane, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Rajkot, Coimbatore and Bhopal have been chosen to explore District Energy systems.

Thane—also part of the Central Government’s Smart Cities Mission–will be the first city to be assessed for its potential for implementation of the district energy system.

Danfoss Global recently announced its partnership with the UN Sustainable Energy for All Initiative to help provide green and affordable cooling solutions for all. Danfoss has been appointed a member of the Cooling for All initiative and Global Panel to drive increasing access to affordable and sustainable cooling solutions throughout the world.

Furthermore, with this partnership in India, Danfoss India, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Danfoss Global will be a technology partner in the District Energy in Cities initiative where the company’s district heating and cooling innovations will help deliver improved and low-cost heating or cooling solutions.

“With the Central Government’s vision to build 100 smart cities and the UN’s District Energy in Cities initiative, we are certain that the six pilot projects of District Cooling which are being launched today, will serve as an inspiration for the rest of the country,” said Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India said.

These six Indian cities were selected to be part of the District Energy in Cities Initiative after much deliberations, to be rapidly assessed for their district cooling potential. The assessments will further examine the district energy system’s current impact, ongoing and planned city programs through which district cooling could be promoted and the policy options that are unique to each city.

Rajani Baburajan