SunPower makes investment in EmPower Solar and Renova Energy

SunPower deployment

SunPower has made minority investments in EmPower Solar and Renova Energy as part of SunPower’s Dealer Accelerator Program.

The Dealer Accelerator Program provides solar dealers with capital financing and business strategy support to accelerate growth and meet the homeowner demand for solar nationwide.

Dealers in the program exclusively sell SunPower solar systems. They offer SunVault battery storage and leverage SunPower Financial offerings for solar financing.

“With an increasing need for more affordable and resilient energy coupled with new federal incentives to adopt clean energy, consumer demand for solar is at an all-time high. Through these investments, SunPower is enabling local dealers to capture this strong demand and grow their business,” said Peter Faricy, CEO at SunPower.

Renova Energy is Coachella Valley’s leading solar installation company. It employs over 300 people who installed 11,502 kW of solar power in 2021 alone. Renova Energy is named SunPower’s “Residential Regional Top Producer of the Year” in 2019 and winner of a SunPower Intelegant award for installation design in 2020.

EmPower Solar has served Long Island and the greater New York area since 2003. In 2020, the company added an operations center in Farmingdale, NY to support the rapid expansion of its residential solar division and has doubled its workforce since then. In 2021, EmPower Solar installed 7.79 MW of distributed solar and continued to provide five-star service to its existing 5,000+ clients

SunPower also made investments in Freedom Solar Power and Sea Bright Solar as part of the Dealer Accelerator Program earlier this year.