Solar America brings new level of solar product integration to the market

Solar Power Station
Solar Power Station
Solar America has completed the initial testing of its revolutionary Solar Power Station that is designed to bring new level of solar product integration to the market.The Solar Power Station connects to almost any type of commercially available solar panel and provides all necessary systems to convert the power of the sun into clean, environmentally friendly AC power that can be either utilized locally or sold back into the power grid.

For off-grid connection, the company provides an optional battery pack system that easily connects to the Solar Power Station in order to provide hours of uninterrupted AC power.

The Solar Power Station is designed to work with existing products from major solar industry players including SunPower, Suntech Power Holdings  and Enphase Energy.

Solar Power Station

“We believe the Solar Power Station is the must-have addition to any home solar power project,” stated Robert Bludorn, chairman and CEO. “The ease of installation and integration will help bring the solar power revolution home to the average American family.”

Solar America recently announced it has appointed Robert Bludorn to be its new Chairman and CEO.

Bludorn has acquired multiple industry leading certifications in the field of solar photovoltaics and has applied his expertise and project management skills in the design and implementation of solar energy systems throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Bludorn has experience implementing solar solutions from manufacturers such as SunPower, Suntech Power Holdings and Enphase Energy.