Cisco associates with IL&FS to develop Indian smart city digital solutions

Photo Courtesy aco

The Indian networking infrastructure Cisco is partnering with IL&FS Technologies (ITL) to develop digital solutions for the infrastructure sector and smart cities using the Internet of Everything (IoE) in India.

IoE is a concept related to the connection of all devices, people and data to the Internet, enabling a digital environment.

Cisco and ITL will collaborate to enable the delivery of cost-effective and efficient citizen services to urban and rural communities.

Moreover, the collaboration will focus on developing IoE-based digital solutions for smart cities, smart villages and the infrastructure sector.

Photo Courtesy aco
Photo Courtesy aco

By enabling a digitized economy the company hopes to enable safer streets, smarter homes and healthier and better-educated citizens, said, Dinesh Malkani, president, sales, Cisco India, SAARC.

The digital India concept will bring a revolution in the delivery of citizen services, enabling digital solutions for services such as healthcare and education.

In addition, guided parking that provide citizens with real time access information on available parking, traffic management systems without human intervention, and a smart grid to track water and electricity consumption can be enabled through the collaboration.

Cisco and ITL can track joint go-to-market opportunities in India and other countries as required. They can also jointly develop solutions to improve city infrastructure operations through sharing information in real time across agencies and systems.

Cisco has plans to invest $1.7 billion in India in 2014.

Cisco is also developing the information and communications technology (ICT) master plan for four pilot cities in the $90 billion Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, a flagship public sector infrastructure project.

Over the next 10 years, the Internet of Everything total ‘value at stake’ in India is $511 billion.

In India, every day, an average of 275,000 devices will be connected to the network.

Sabeena Wahid