Water-Gen to enter Indian market with latest water purification solutions

Photo credit israelvalley.

Water-Gen, the water purification firm has made plans to set foot in India.

The Israel based firm will launch three water supply solutions for Indian consumers including atmospheric water generations; Spring Portable Battery Operated Water Purification System and Water Treatment of air conditioner run off waste.

Atmospheric water generations makes water from-air unit, providing a safe, pure water supply. The unit will help to overcome municipal water systems dependency to an extent.

Spring water purification system provides drinking water in locations where no pure drinking water or electricity supply is available.

Photo credit israelvalley.
Photo credit israelvalley.

Air conditioner Water Treatment Unit purifies run-off water artificially produced by an air conditioner, which can be applied for transportation facilities such as the Indian Railways.

Already showcased in Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Water-Gen is keen to partner with major domestic companies to manage manufacture, sales, marketing and distribution.

In addition, the firm has also plans to set up a R&D center in the country to develop customized products for India, based on Water-Gen technology.

In long term, the company will look for possibilities to export to Africa, South Asia and other countries after a powerful base is created on Indian market.

The Indian market seems to have a great potential for water purification solutions as water shortage in India is an enduring crisis with no faultless solution available so far.

“We believe we can now eradicate water-borne diseases by providing pure drinking water at Rs.1.8/litre,” said, Arye Kohavi, founder, president, Co-CEO, Water-Gen.

Water-Gen has been chosen by Fast Company Magazine as one of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2014.

Moreover, Frost and Sullivan acknowledged Water-Gen’s contributions with Technology Innovation Leadership of the Year for 2014.

Sabeena Wahid