Itron to modernize water distribution system of City of North Miami Beach


The City of North Miami Beach water utility has selected Itron to modernize its water distribution system and recover lost water.

The utility will implement Itron’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) including leak detection solution, water communication modules and cloud-based analytics to manage the water resources delivery.

Moreover, the infrastructure will help to reduce non-revenue water and conserve resources.

The installation of the solution is expected to be completed by summer 2015.

The utility serves 170,000 water customers in Northern Miami-Dade County.

The Itron supported water AMI solution will enable the utility to enhance customer service, protect revenue, forecast consumption, analyze flow and support district metering by leveraging detailed consumption and meter alerts.

The utility’s customers will have access to their consumption information through a customer web portal for better management of usage, conservation of water and saving money.

The utility, with the help of AMI solution can collect meter reads remotely, increasing operational efficiency, enhancing worker’s safety and improving billing accuracy.

In addition, using the leak detection solution, North Miami Beach can monitor distribution lines for leaks, helping reduce non-revenue water and associated costs.

With Itron’s advanced metering solution, North Miami Beach aims to offer new services and capabilities at reduced costs to customers, controlling the usage of water efficiently.

In another development, Itron in collaboration with i2O Water expanded its water portfolio to make up for the non-revenue water (NRW) offering, enabling utilities to efficiently manage water resources around the world.

i2O’s Smart Pressure Management solution helps to minimize non-revenue water by reducing water losses in the distribution network.

i2O was another latest innovative technology being added to Itron’s series of NRW products like acoustic leak detection, district metering and analytics. This patented solution optimizes water pressure according to consumption and day-to-day flow changes.

Recently, Itron announced the release of the second annual Itron Resourcefulness Index, a global survey and benchmark of the state of resourcefulness across energy and water.

Itron surveyed utility executives and informed consumers in key markets around the globe to gauge their outlook on the industry and priorities moving forward.

Sabeena Wahid