H2O Innovation awarded $12 million in new contracts

H2O Innovation, a provider of water treatment technologies, announced that it was awarded $12 million in new contracts, mainly in mining and municipal sectors.

The contract renews the company’s pending water treatment projects to $40.5 million as of July 1, 2014. The entire order backlog will be executed over the next twenty-four months, the company said.

H2O InnovationThe design, fabrication and commissioning of a water treatment plant British Columbia mining site comes under this contract. This plant dedicated to the treatment of mine tailings water comprises ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

The mining plant will have a capacity of 2.16 MGD permeate flow. H2O Innovation will supply FiberflexTM skid that provide membranes interchangeability accommodating several types of modules.

H2O Innovation will also supply a containerized potable water treatment system for a workers camp in another Canadian project. This unit will produce 0.12 MGD of drinking water.

A Vancouver mining company project consists the design, fabrication and commissioning of an RO system to treat water changing to drinkable form. Bench scale and pilot testing will be performed first to validate the recovery rate of the system.  It is expected that the full scale capacity will be 3.456 MGD.

H2O Innovation has secured contracts with different municipalities in the U.S.  A significant one is the 12 MGD (45,425 m3/day) UF system, using FiberflexTM skid, to treat raw water supplied from the Colorado River or Grand Valley Canal for the Clifton Water District in Colorado.

H2O Innovation will design, manufacture and commission an RO water treatment system of 0.72 MGD capacity to treat brackish water for the Dunes District in Palm Coast, Florida.

The Company will also supply, to a California municipality, containerized advanced water treatment system with operator control room and laboratory, chemical dosing and UF, primary RO and concentrate recovery RO systems.

Lastly, H2O Innovation has been selected to provide a 1.0 MGD UF system to treat effluent at the San Francisco Airport’s Mel Leong tertiary treatment plant.

Frédéric Dugré, president, CEO, H2O Innovation, said, “ These new contracts secured for new fiscal year gives H2O Innovation a visibility on the coming fiscal year in terms of predictability of revenues allowing to anticipate a decrease of volatility of these revenues.”