Ecologix Environmental Systems installs worksite water treatment system for Chevron Mining

Ecologix Environmental Systems installs worksite water treatment system for Chevron Mining

Greentech Lead America: Ecologix Environmental Systems,
an Atlanta-based wastewater treatment technology company, has implemented its
new, pre-fabricated Zeo-Clear wastewater treatment system at a mining camp for
Chevron Mining, a subsidiary of Chevron.

The Zeo-Clear Zeo 20 system will treat up to 15,000
gallons of sewage per day for remote camp at Chevron Mining’s Questa, New
Mexico mining camp.

Ecologix Zeo-Clear systems support temporary populations
and working camps of up to 300 (Zeo-20 model) or 600 (Zeo-40 model) people,
processing up to 15,000 or 30,000 gallons of wastewater per day, respectively.

The “plug-and-play” Zeo-Clear system can be installed and
brought online within few days. The system does not need any costly
infrastructure and saves time in making remote worksites, communities, camps
and resorts operational.  The Zeo-Clear Zeo 20 system’s aeration and
media filtration system is more efficient to deliver an average reduction in
energy costs of 20 percent.

The pre-wired and pre-plumbed system features natural
Zeolite, a mineral that reduces total suspended solids and biochemical oxygen
demand in treated water. Zeolite also acts as an ion exchange media,
eliminating all ammonia content in treated water without the need for a typical
nitrification and de-nitrification process.

“Wastewater treatment is the single biggest concern for
companies seeking to do business in remote areas. With the Zeo-Clear solution,
we empower companies to move quickly into new regions and maintain a
competitive advantage,” said Eli Gruber, chief executive officer, Ecologix

 “The Zeo-Clear system is completely off the grid,
self-sustainable and portable, making the most remote locations in the world
feasible places to do business,” added Gruber.

Ecologix Environmental Systems unveils green water treatment
solution for hydraulic fracturing

Recently, Ecologix Environmental Systems announced a
mobile integrated treatment system (ITS) for hydraulic fracturing that will
treat up to 900 gallons per minute of frac flowback water. Ecologix Mobile ITS
can be easily transported and set-up for operation onsite. Using dissolved air
flotation technology, the system has the capacity to treat frac flowback water
at a rate of nearly 900 gallons per minute.