CCEMC report values 27 clean technology projects at more than $632 million


CCEMC report values 27 clean technology projects at more than $632 million

Greentech Lead Team
: The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation
(CCEMC) has released its 2009-2010 annual report.

report details 27 clean technology projects that CCEMC is supporting as part of
efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta.  The annual
report also announced a workshop in December 2010 to discuss the creation of a
biological program.

2007, Alberta companies that annually produce more than 100,000 tons of
greenhouse gas emissions are legally required to reduce their greenhouse gas
intensity by 12 percent. One compliance option is to pay into the Climate
Change and Emissions Management Fund at $15/ton.

CCEMC is supporting projects at all stages of innovation with the bulk of the
investment currently committed to projects at the market demonstration or
commercialization stage that will deliver near-term reductions. Eligible
projects include proof-of-concept, research and development and small pilot
scale initiatives.

CCEMC also
established an inventory of knowledge networks in North America and identified
four that will help the CCEMC expand climate change knowledge and support
technological advancement.

CCEMC identified three focus areas in Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy –
conserving and using energy efficiently, carbon capture and storage and
greening energy production, with a small proportion of funds set aside to
support climate adaptation and knowledge.

CCEMC’s accomplishments include leveraging funds to support more than $632
million in clean technology projects that will reduce emissions in Alberta. Our
ability to leverage our funds demonstrates that the CCEMC is helping to spur
innovation while helping Alberta transition to a lower carbon economy,”
said CCEMC
Chair Eric Newell.

2011 the CCEMC announced funding for six energy efficiency projects and five
renewable energy projects across Alberta, including the Weyerhaeuser Evaporator
Project in Grande Prairie, the NRGreen Recovered Energy Project in Whitecourt,
the Biorefinex Biorefinery in Lacombe  and
the West Fraser Timber Slave Lake Pulp Bio-methanation Project.