Applied CleanTech’s SRS technology for wastewater recycling

The Applied CleanTech is planning to raise the next round of crowd funding through EquityNet crowdfunding platform for investors.

The company claims their products yield more than 50 percent revenues in an almost unlimited market.

The company is creating ways to efficiently manage and handle waste using a new revenue opportunity for any municipality in the world, says, Refael Aharon, CEO, founder, Applied CleanTech.

It is leveraging EquityNet for this round due to the strength of the public force in this industry, he added.

SRS technology is an efficient way to create an endless cycle of revenue and efficiency in waste management and to recycle the resources in a way that drives sustainability, said Aharon.

Established in 2007, Applied CleanTech has established a technology that fully recycles cellulose from raw wastewater creating opportunity to generate more than $2.1 billion.


Wastewater treatment is a multi-billion dollar global market and Applied CleanTech is the first company to turn wastewater into a revenue-generating resource through its Sewage Recycling System (SRS).

Recyllose is a product with numerous applications for various industries as well as reducing sludge formation and GHG emissions is executed in this process.

ACT’s patented SRS technology extracts cellulose from wastewater and processes it into a pasteurized, green product Recyllose.

Recyllose is a repeated revenue source, used in plastics, insulation, pulp and paper, construction, bio-fuels production, which meets the global standards for wastewater treatment and sludge disposal.

Production of Recyllose using the SRS technology offers operational and environmental benefits including generating new revenue stream from an endless resource, and reducing Wastewater treatments plant OPEX and energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

It also increases Wastewater treatments plant capacity by up to 30 percent and reduces GHG emissions and carbon footprint.

Applied CleanTech has already implemented the technology in Holland, Canada, Israel and Mexico to drive revenue opportunity.

Sabeena Wahid