Algae.Tec to commission advanced biofuels facility in Australia


Algae.Tec to commission advanced biofuels facility in Australia

By Greentech Lead Australia: Algae.Tec, Australia based
advanced renewable oil from algae company, with a high-yield enclosed algae
growth and harvesting system, has begun the commissioning process of its
biofuels showcase facility Shoalhaven One in Nowra, Australia.

The Algae.Tec facility will take a carbon dioxide feed
from the Manildra Groups manufacturing facility. The facility is scheduled to
start production of algae biomass in early June and expected to reach the full
capacity by the end of June. The Shoalhaven One initial bioreactors were
assembled and shipped from The Algae Manufacturing and Development Centre in

Earl McConchie, technical director, Algae.Tec USA, is
leading the commissioning team. The Shoalhaven One showcase facility team has
the bioreactor technology and associated racks, piping, and separation tanks in
place, and full testing and final validation is now underway.

Algae.Tec offers a profitable solution for carbon
emitting companies and industries seeking carbon dioxide reduction
technologies. The algae growth system is an alternative to Carbon
Capture and Storage (CCS). The Algae.Tec enclosed modular engineered
technology is designed to grow non-GMO algae on an industrial scale, and
produce biofuels that replace predominantly imported fossil fuels.

The Algae.Tec solution is less than one tenth the
land footprint of pond growth options, while its enclosed module system is
designed to deliver the highest yield of algae per hectare, and solves the
problem of food-producing land being turned over for biofuel production.