Evoqua Water Technologies unveils Blu-Sentinel Chemical Controller


Evoqua Water Technologies’ Aquatics & Disinfection Division today announced the launch of Blu-Sentinel controllers, a new line of advanced chemical controllers designed for commercial recreational water applications such as aquatic facilities and water parks.

The Blu-Sentinel controller is a collaboration between Evoqua’s Neptune-Benson and Wallace & Tiernan businesses, which provide filtration and disinfection solutions for recreational water industry.

The system is designed for measurement and control functions, as well as process control, in pool water treatment applications. Blu-Sentinel controllers are equipped with Wallace & Tiernan’s premium quality Strantrol HRR and pH sensors that provide reliable and accurate measurements.

“The Blu-Sentinel perfectly complements our filtration and UV disinfection solutions,” said Andrew Creathorn, vice president of Evoqua’s Aquatics & Disinfection Division. “The combination of Neptune-Benson and Wallace Tiernan technologies uniquely position us to deliver the best in water quality solutions to our customers and partners.”

Blu-Sentinel controller incorporates pool water treatment features such as shock chlorination, economic mode operation as well as the CEDOX control algorithm.

The controller supports all chemical feed applications commonly found in pool water treatment such as dosing pumps or relay control feeders, chlorine gas feed control, on-site electrochlorination system operation as well as a control signal to UV systems, flocculation and/or activated carbon slurry feed systems.

The Blu-Sentinel line is available in three configurations (Blu-Sentinel, Blu-Sentinel SE, and Blu-Sentinel Pro) designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications; from smaller pool facilities up to large scale water parks and aquatic centers.

The Blu-Sentinel will officially launch at the upcoming IAAPA Attractions Expo on November 15 – 18 in Orlando, FL.