SunPower recognizes dealers for solar projects

SunPower SunVault energy storage

SunPower has recognized five of its dealers for exceptionally designed and deployed solar projects commissioned in 2022.

SunPower serves over half a million homes across the country, supported by a network of more than 850 dealers.

“At SunPower we want a customer’s solar system to be more than efficient and resilient — we want it to be a beautiful addition to the home’s overall aesthetic,” said June Sauvaget, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at SunPower.

National Winner: M Kahn Solar

With 55 gorgeous all-black panels designed to offset approximately 98 percent of the customer’s annual electricity usage, this 22.825 kW system installed by M Kahn Solar Inc. in Flintridge, CA is a marvel of solar energy production and design aesthetics. In addition to solar panels, this home makes resiliency a priority with a SunVault battery storage system, which can provide seamless backup power in the event of a power outage.

Regional Winners

The winning dealers for outstanding home solar projects in their respective regions are:

SolarHut for helping a customer by designing a system to offset about 163 percent of their annual electricity usage with a 4.25 kW system in Sacramento, CA.

Renova Energy for installing a beautiful 60-panel system in Palm Desert, CA that is designed to achieve an estimated $450K in savings over 25 years.

Tayco Electric & Solar for delivering outstanding customer service while completing a complex solar system installation in Salisbury, NC. According to the homeowner “everything was spot on in regard to communication and timing.”

GreenLogic for achieving a subtle yet striking design in collaboration with the home’s award-winning architect and owner. This Southhampton, NY home features a solar system with recessed panels integrated seamlessly into the home’s metal roof.