Huasun Achieves Record Power and Efficiency with Himalaya G12-132 HJT Solar Module

Huasun Himalaya G12-132 HJT solar module

In a significant milestone for solar technology, Huasun, a pioneer in heterojunction solar innovation, has shattered records with its latest Huasun Himalaya G12-132 HJT solar module.

Certified by the esteemed TUV SUD, a reputable third-party testing and certification institution, the module has achieved an astonishing power output of 744.43W, coupled with a remarkable conversion efficiency of 23.96 percent. This achievement once again solidifies Huasun’s position as a leader in pushing the boundaries of power and efficiency in HJT photovoltaic modules.

The Himalaya G12-132 module is constructed using double-sided microcrystalline G12-20BB HJT cells, meticulously produced in-house at the Huasun Xuancheng Phase IV HJT Cell Project. The remarkable accomplishment comes after months of dedicated efforts, during which the average mass-production efficiency of the cells has surged to an impressive 26.2 percent. This extraordinary efficiency gain has been attributed to the utilization of double-sided technology and the refinement of the PIB + light conversion film encapsulation process.

Huasun, dedicated to the innovation and industrialization of heterojunction solar technology, has consistently broken records in both efficiency and power output of HJT cells and modules since its inception. The success of the Himalaya G12-132 module further emphasizes the immense potential of HJT products to enhance solar system performance.

Currently boasting a robust production capacity of 10GW for HJT cells and modules, Huasun maintains its commitment to unparalleled product quality and efficiency within the industry.

The company is actively advancing research and development initiatives while accelerating the mass production of cutting-edge technologies, including 0BB, copper plating, and perovskite tandem, in alignment with their strategic roadmap.