Larson unveils portable LED tow light

photo credit Canadian Security Mag

Larson Electronics has expanded its LED series with a twenty three inch wireless tow light.

This wireless LED tow light measures around 18” wide by 6” high, and 6” deep.

The HDTL-WLED-M wireless battery powered LED tow light is powered by a rechargeable battery and has stop, tail, turn and hazard strobe light capabilities.

This 10 pound portable tow light can be recharged using a 12 volt cigarette lighter charger.

In addition, this LED light features a 2.4 GHZ chipset which allows for a transmitter distance of up to 1000.

The unit’s LED lights retain a constant bright light without loss of color.

photo credit Canadian Security Mag
photo credit Canadian Security Mag

These LED lights can also serve as roadside hazard lights by manually turning the bar around and pushing the flasher switch located on the right side of the unit.

This lighting system requires inserting the four pin transmitter to turn on as it will not happen automatically.

The unit is encased in a polyethylene case and is mounted on 150 pound pull rubber coated magnets.

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These magnets help the light to remain in place during motion. In addition, the solid rubber grips ensure that no damage is done to the towing vehicle.

The compact and light-weight form factor, durability, portability, and high power of this LED tow light make it ideal for towing, trailers, security, work areas, roadside emergencies and warehouses.

The hazard light bar is portable, waterproof, shock resistant, and can withstand 125 miles per hour wind resistance.

Sabeena Wahid