Rotterdam announces heavy incentives for NISSAN LEAF

Officials in Rotterdam, Netherlands have announced heavy incentives on buying new plug-in vehicles like NISSAN LEAF and other EVs as an initiative to remove older, polluting vehicles from streets.

According to this new scheme, interested people can buy a brand new Nissan e-NV200 for just €4,950 ($6,505).

In other words, the city of Rotterdam is offering buyers €2,500 in incentives for a new plug-in vehicle, as PureGreenCars reports.

On combining this scheme with €3,000 in national plug-in car incentives and a local incentive fund of €7,000, the net cost of buying an e-NV200 in Rotterdam is 24 percent of the official price.

For businesses in Rotterdam, the total cost is as low as €7,450 after incentives for a base-model Nissan LEAF, whereas in Amsterdam, the same van will be prized around €8,350.

Other electric vehicles can also be purchased under this scheme, with comparable discounts.


Based on the Nissan LEAF drivetrain and battery pack, the e-NV200 is designed for cities, but due to optional on-board 6 kilowatt charger and DC quick charge capabilities it can also be used on longer cross-country trips.

The vehicle provides a range of between 60 and 90 miles depending on road conditions and usage patterns and is ideal for small businesses material transportation.

It’s also available as a five-seat passenger vehicle, making it perfect for life as a taxi cab.

However, there are a few conditions to this low-priced deal from Nissan like the cash for incentive is only available to the first 5,000 business applicants and they have to place orders and take delivery by December 31 to be qualified.

Second, the prices quoted apply to Visia Flex models of the Nissan LEAF and e-NV200, which will need to add cost of battery pack on top of the purchase price.