Tetra Tech Awarded $22 mn Contract for Marine Environmental Assessment in Support of Seadragon Offshore Wind Project

Moray East offshore wind farm 

Tetra Tech, Inc., a prominent provider of consulting and engineering services, has announced securing a significant contract worth $22 million (AUD) from Flotation Energy. This three-year contract aims to conduct a comprehensive assessment of marine environmental conditions to support the development of the Seadragon offshore wind project in Victoria, Australia.

The scope of the contract encompasses a series of baseline surveys that will comprehensively evaluate the marine ecosystem in the proposed wind farm area. This evaluation will encompass an array of factors, including marine mammals, avian species, fish populations, and various benthic and coastal processes. To achieve this, Tetra Tech’s team of marine scientists will employ an assortment of advanced techniques. These include visual and digital aerial surveys, passive acoustic monitoring to detect marine mammal presence, biologging, satellite tagging, and metocean measurements to analyze waves, currents, and water levels.

The management of this ambitious program will be overseen by Tetra Tech’s RPS operations in Australia. This will be a collaborative endeavor involving esteemed scientific and academic partners, such as JASCO Applied Sciences, Deakin University, and CSIRO, Australia’s renowned national science organization.

Speaking about the contract, Dan Batrack, the Chairman and CEO of Tetra Tech, emphasized the company’s prominent position in the wind power sector. “Tetra Tech is ranked number one in wind power by the industry-leading publication Engineering-News Record,” Batrack stated. “We understand the importance of offshore wind power to the world’s sustainable energy portfolio and net-zero future.”

The Seadragon offshore wind project, with the support of Tetra Tech’s expertise, is poised to make a significant contribution to clean energy generation. Upon completion, the project is anticipated to yield up to 1.5 gigawatts of clean energy. This would effectively power the equivalent of approximately 1 million homes on an annual basis.

Tetra Tech’s Leading with Science approach underscores the company’s commitment to utilizing scientific rigor and innovation to drive impactful solutions for complex environmental challenges. The company’s ongoing collaboration with Flotation Energy marks a noteworthy step forward in advancing the Seadragon offshore wind project and contributing to a more sustainable energy future for Australia.