HyperSolar to make zero carbon renewable hydrogen gas


HyperSolar to make zero carbon renewable hydrogen gas


By Greentech
Lead Team
: HyperSolar announced that its process can make zero carbon,
renewable hydrogen gas by using solar power and wastewater as a feedstock
instead of using conventional fossil fuel, such as natural gas.

Hydrogen is
the most useful and abundant chemical element but naturally occurring elemental
hydrogen is relatively rare on Earth. Industrial production of hydrogen gas is
most often produced using fossil fuels, mainly from the steam reforming of
natural gas.

Rather than
using conventional fossil fuel as a feedstock, HyperSolar’s
technology uses the power of the sun and wastewater to produce carbon-free,
renewable hydrogen gas.

“The world
is short on free hydrogen and unfortunately, to make up for this shortage, the
world uses fossil fuels to produce hydrogen gas. We are developing a cleaner
and greener way to produce this high value product. HyperSolar’s hydrogen is
completely carbon free, made by using the power of the Sun and wastewater. Not
only are we mitigating the high cost of wastewater treatment, but we are
creating the ultimate clean fuel,” said
Tim Young, CEO, HyperSolar.

In addition
to the many industrial uses of hydrogen, one of the most intriguing uses is for
fuel cells for transportation. Though there are currently no fuel cell vehicles
available for commercial sale, carmakers are hopeful that hydrogen fuel cells
and infrastructure technologies will be developed in the future.

“Our method
of producing hydrogen could be the missing link for fuel cells of the future.
If hydrogen is meant to be the ultimate fuel that will enable a clean energy
future with zero carbon emissions, then its production must also be zero
carbon. Powering cars with fossil fuel based hydrogen is not sustainable, not
renewable and not much cleaner than today’s fuels. We believe our low cost zero
carbon hydrogen is the right way to realize a true hydrogen economy,” Young

HyperSolar recently announced
that its technology will mitigate the projected dangerous CO2 emissions levels.
The company’s renewable natural gas can be permanently carbon neutral, as no
new CO2 is introduced to the atmosphere after combustion.