Silver Spring Networks integrates advanced grid sensor to smart energy platform


Silver Spring Networks integrates advanced grid sensor to smart energy platform

Greentech Lead America: Silver Spring Networks, a
technology and solutions provider for smart energy networks, today announced
its advanced faulted circuit indicator integrated into its standards-based
Smart Energy Platform.

This new distribution automation (DA) solution provides
utilities real-time, location-aware intelligence on the integrity of their
distribution lines. These ongoing operational alerts and data help utilities
reduce overall costs, improve operational efficiency, and speed response times
when power outages occur.

Silver Spring’s GridScape network management application
supports configuration and management of the Silver Spring Communications
Module embedded within the advanced grid sensor. Designed by Sentient Energy
and known as the Master Monitor 2 (MM2), the device installs easily on overhead
power lines.

“Silver Spring continues to deliver even more
value to our utility customers with this unique DA solution integrated into our
open networking platform. This is a great example of how one networking
platform can serve the needs of DA, in addition to AMI and DR, and provide huge
leverage to our customers because of that unified, proven, and extensible
platform,” said Anil Gadre, executive vice president of Products, Silver
Spring Networks.

Silver Spring Networks to deploy Smart Grid in WEL Networks

WEL Networks recently selected Silver Spring Networks for
an innovative smart grid deployment in the Waikato region of New Zealand. The
company will provide its smart grid platform that includes advanced metering,
distribution automation and deployment.