Cinterion miniature M2M module powers Linyang Electronics smart meter solutions


Cinterion miniature M2M module powers Linyang Electronics smart meter solutions


Greentech Lead Team:
Cinterion, the global provider in cellular
machine-to-machine (M2M) communication modules and a Gemalto company, announced
that Linyang Electronics, an electronic information enterprise in China and one
of the most competitive in the smart metering industry, is using Cinterion’s
tiny BGS2 in their smart metering products and power utilization management

The partnership with Linyang Electronics helps Cinterion
expand the smart energy applications throughout China.

“We selected Cinterion as our M2M technology partner
for its world renowned reputation for high-quality M2M modules, its advanced
security expertise and outstanding design and engineering support,” said Lu
Hanxi, general manager of Shenzhen Linyang Electronics.

BGS2’s ultra-compact form factor simplifies product
design and integration while its flexible Land Grid Array (LGA) surface
mounting enables precise automated manufacturing with very little waste helping
to lower costs for end users.

BGS2 provides unprecedented reliability and secure
wireless data communications for smart meter and smart grid products and
solutions. These services help power companies and consumers conserve energy,
automatic meter reading to simplify reporting and billing procedures, smart
grid equipment monitoring and anti-theft and alarm applications to protect
assets in the field.

BGS2 comes in two versions: Quad-Band with GPRS class 10
(BGS2-W) and Dual-Band with GPRS class 8 (BGS2-E).

“BGS2 is reliable in even the most extreme
temperatures, it is cost-effective, and it provides highly efficient Land Grid
Array surface mounting for easy and precise mass manufacturing – all of these
features help strengthen our bids for smart metering contracts throughout
China,” Hanxi added.

China is investing $250 billion during the next five
years to construct and develop smart grids for more efficient distribution of
electricity throughout the country. The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC),
which drives the majority of power grid construction in China, requested bids
for more than 44 million smart meter units during 2011. Linyang Electronics was
the largest winner of those bids.

“The smart meter and smart grid market has clearly
become a significant portion of the rapidly-growing M2M market in China,”
said Norbert Muhrer, CEO of Cinterion.  

Recently, Cinterion launched AH3,
its new high-speed automotive M2M module with a new triple-diversity antenna