AutoGrid unveils new energy management solution with DER integration

AutoGrid Systems

AutoGrid Systems announced the launch of AutoGrid Flex 3.0, a comprehensive flexibility management solution for demand response (DR) management, distributed energy resource (DER) management and virtual power plants (VPPs).

AutoGrid Flex 3.0 application suite features several new energy storage co-optimization capabilities that enable utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers and other energy service providers to maximize the value of energy storage systems at the local site level, manage energy storage assets in combination with demand response and other types of DERs and optimize aggregation and dispatch from a portfolio of energy storage and other DERs.

These innovative storage co-optimization capabilities, along with new DER integration, enhanced user interfaces (UIs) and other new features further strengthen AutoGrid customers’ ability to use the Energy Internet to predict, optimize and control DERs at scale in real time, helping them launch new services that increase revenues, reduce operating expenses, drive customer engagement and enhance grid reliability, the company said.

“Energy storage is one of the key enabling technologies in the development of a cleaner, more efficient distributed energy world. However, despite the fact that energy storage costs continue to fall, we still need to dramatically improve energy storage project economics through intelligent software if we hope to truly accelerate energy storage adoption,” said Amit Narayan, CEO of AutoGrid.

“By optimizing the value of local energy storage systems, integrating energy storage systems with other DERs and maximizing the ability of energy storage and other DER portfolios to generate payments from wholesale energy markets, AutoGrid Flex 3.0 significantly improves energy storage system economics, making energy storage a more attractive investment for energy service providers and end-customers alike,” Narayan added.