Ascent Data implements waste recycling program from Sequoia Waste Solutions


Ascent Data implements waste recycling program from Sequoia Waste Solutions


GreenTech Lead Team
: Ascent Data announced it has reduced
operational impact and saved money by implementing new waste recycling program
through Sequoia Waste Solutions.

Online Portal allows Ascent Data to view the important data of each
location-specific waste operation, including but not limited to, the equipment,
the breakout and amounts of materials leaving the building, monthly bills, cost
reductions, trend analyses and customer service resolutions.

evaluated our waste contracts and compared them to current market rates. They
also reviewed our existing equipment, usage and overall needs, and then
negotiated with haulers to provide a project plan and contract that further
decreased our environment footprint and saved us money,” said Joseph
H. Jones, COO at Ascent Data.  

Sequoia Waste Solutions focuses on waste and recycling and manages it as if it were a
standalone business unit. Sequoia’s Network Operations Center works
around-the-clock and through its ticketing system for service inquiries, while
clients receive real-time status updates via either the phone or web.

drive efficiency to three phases of the waste removal process, market rate,
equipment optimization and material diversion, saving companies on average
10-30 percent on their current expenditures at no cost to them,”
said  Brian
Dolan, VP of Business Development at Sequoia Waste Solutions.