Intelligent Energy in pact with Luxfer-GTM to supply fuel cell products in the U.S.

Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy announced it has signed a stationary power deal with US-based Luxfer-GTM Technologies to develop and supply integrated fuel cell products in the U.S.

The first order of 600 units is to integrate Intelligent Energy’s low power 1kW Fuel Cell Modules (FCM) into Luxfer-GTM’s Zero-Set Lite portable, zero-emission light towers and will also see Intelligent Energy mobilise its global network to assist sales of Luxfer-GTM’s products internationally.

Intelligent Energy’s FCMs are zero emission, with the only by-product being water vapour and offer near silent operation, making them an attractive replacement to traditional diesel generators, the company claims.

Integrated into Luxfer-GTM‘s Zero-Set generator line, Intelligent Energy’s FCMs will provide a commercially available, low cost, zero-emission of generators for wide scale applications.

Intelligent Energy’s proven FCMs are suitable for a range of applications from telecommunications through to mission-critical services, back-up, emergency power and disaster recovery for off-grid power or microgrids.

Using the Company’s air cooled technology, the FCM is designed as a self-contained power solution with all requisite balance-of-plant components to produce clean power in a power dense and convenient package.

Martin Bloom, Group CEO at  Intelligent Energy, said, “There is significant opportunity for Intelligent Energy to deploy its market-ready technology into similar markets as more companies search for proven and alternative solutions to power their products both more efficiently and responsibly. This validates our new strategy which we are now implementing.”

Julian Hughes, senior VP of Intelligent Energy said, “I see this as showing our great commitment to the U.S. market, one of the world’s leading hydrogen economies”.