Tesla restarting direct sale of luxury EVs in New Jersey

Tesla showroom in New Jersey

American electric car maker Tesla is restarting direct-sale of their luxury electric cars through their showrooms in New Jersey.

The passing of a bill allowing manufacturers of zero-emissions to sell their products directly to customers has given Tesla the fresh lease of life.

CEO Elon Musk is thrilled that this impediment has been lifted.

The old law restricted sale of motor vehicles to dealerships alone. Tesla had to drop its direct sales model in New Jersey last year in compliance with the law.

The new law permits Tesla and other makers of zero-emissions vehicles to operate up to four licensed outlets within the state. Tesla already has three showrooms.

The New Jersey government’s new law also stipulates that manufacturers of zero-emissions vehicles should operate at least one retail service location within the state’s borders.

This is meant to ensure maintenance and repair facilities within the state’s bounds so that car owners don’t have to spend their money outside the state for such services.

Tesla already has a service center at Paramus. It makes them already compliant with the new law and can therefore start sale of vehicles through their outlets immediately.

Ajith Kumar S