Ford to roll out EV charging infra in Michigan

Photo courtesy newman gfx news

Ford Motors is establishing an electric vehicle charging station infrastructure at its Dearborn office in Michigan to promote employee car-sharing program as part of the company’s Innovate Mobility Challenge Series.

The program will also introduce a series of 25 experiments created to check new ideas that takes care of driving issues like urban congestion and air quality.

According to the program led by research wing of Ford Motors, developers from around the world are invited to create solutions for specific mobility challenges.

Ford chief executive officer Mark Field announced this plan during his 2015 International CES keynote.

Photo courtesy newman gfx news
Photo courtesy newman gfx news

Other initiatives will include an app that locates available parking spaces for London commuters and a program that checks vehicle data and patterns of London drivers which will be useful for insurance companies.

“Even as we showcase connected cars and share our plans for autonomous vehicles, we are here at CES with a higher purpose. We are driving innovation in every part of our business to be both a product and mobility company and, ultimately, to change the way the world moves just as our founder Henry Ford did 111 years ago. We see a world where vehicles talk to one another, drivers and vehicles communicate with the city infrastructure to relieve congestion, and where people routinely share vehicles or multiple forms of transportation for their daily commute,” explained Field.

Moreover, Ford is planning to launch world’s first fully autonomous vehicle within five years.

The company aims to design and market an autonomous car that people can buy, which will be accessible to masses, enhancing customers’ lives.

Besides, Ford assures that they will be fully transparent on matters like consumer privacy, restricting collection of extensive consumer data with clear opt-in facilities.

Sabeena Wahid