WEPOWER Ecolutions Enables Energy Saving at Dreyer’s Ice Cream


WEPOWER Ecolutions Enables Energy Saving at Dreyer\'s Ice Cream

Greentech Lead America: WEPOWER Ecolutions, a provider of
clean energy solutions, announced the successful installation of the company’s
lighting ecolutions, Active ES lighting controls at Nestle’s Dreyer’s Ice
Cream’s Division freezer sections and parking lot areas of Dreyer’s Ice Cream
distribution facilities in Manteca, CA, City of Industry, CA and Colorado
Springs, CO.

“Active ES is a versatile, low cost, highly
effective, easy to install lighting ecolution that has been proven in the green
marketplace for nearly 20 years,” said Kevin Donovan, CEO of WEPOWER
Ecolutions. “We are so pleased to see the results at the Dreyer’s Ice
Cream distribution centers in energy savings costs and carbon omissions

The company has enabled custom implementation to generate
the maximum energy savings while meeting Dreyer’s Ice Cream lighting
requirements. Energy savings were measured using FLUKE instrumentation to
validate the immediate energy savings generated by this lighting ecolution.
Time lapse data was captured via Dent Instrumentation to validate the long term
energy savings and positive effects to electrical system harmonics.

The solution has allowed Nestle facilities to realize
average energy savings at 20 percent in Colorado Springs, CO, 27 percent energy
savings in Manteca, CA and 32 percent energy savings at the City of Industry
distribution centers with an aggregate energy savings of $100,597 per year.

For this installation the company has worked with the
Colorado utility provider, XCEL Energy. Additional rebates were identified due
to the decreased refrigeration load caused by the reduction in heat dissipation
from the newly controlled lamps. WEPOWER Ecolutions associates also assisted in
the identification, preparation and submission of the energy rebates to other
utility providers.

WEPOWER Ecolutions ships Seahawk2 KDS wind turbines to GMS
Mining Company in Chile

Recently WEPOWER Ecolutions announced it has shipped
three new WEPOWER Eco Seahawk2 700w KDS vertical axis wind turbines to GMS
Mining for deployment in their mining operations in Santiago, Chile. All three
Seahawk2 KDS power systems will be installed next week in GMS Mining’s