First Wind lauds EPA for carbon emission reduction policy

First Wind, a U.S.-based renewable energy company, has applauded the U.S administration’s decision to reduce carbon emission from power plants.

This follows the decision by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

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“We applaud the EPA for giving individual states several good options for making crucial pollution reductions. We know from firsthand experience that building more wind and solar power facilities have proven to be the fastest, cleanest and cheapest way to replace dirty power plants and combat climate change,” a statement from First Wind  said.

“We hope that these new EPA rules underscore that we have a chance right now to make long-term decisions to lock in affordable power with clean, renewable energy for decades to come,” the company said.

First Wind says renewable energy isn’t subject to the price fluctuation that fossil fuel-based power is, meaning that the cost savings will last for years to come. In just a few years, wind power has become one of the fastest growing sources of electricity, while the cost for wind power has dropped 42 percent since 2009.

“Clean energy and economic opportunity are not partisan issues and I hope Congress and the President can work together to encourage further growth of clean, emissions-free renewable energy that is poised to be delivered to even more homes and businesses at a good price,” the company said in a statement.