Alstom to supply turbines for South Korean wind farm

Alstom has received a contract from DaeMyoung Energy to provide wind turbines for Gowon wind farm.

The wind farm is located in Gangwon province of South Korea.

Alstom will supply and supervise the installation and commissioning of 6 units of the ECO 110 Wind Turbines each with an output of 3MW.

Once the operation begins, it is expected that the wind farm will produce around 18MW of electricity.

The plant will support South Korea’s goal to have renewable energy contributing 20 percent of total electricity generated by 2020.

The farm is expected to begin commercial operation by the end of 2015.

The facility will be operated jointly by Eurus Energy and DaeMyoung Energy.

Eurus Energy is an independent power producer in Japan with over 2000 MW in operating assets.

The ECO 110 is equipped with Alstom pure Torque technology which protects the transmission chain by sidetracking unwanted pressures from the wind to the turbine’s tower.

In addition, the nacelle’s specific design made up of three independent elements and of large dimensions, facilitates maintenance operations and safety of the machine.

This opportunity is significant as it will represent the company continued presence for Wind Power in Korea and also working with the important customer Eurus Energy, commented, Yves Rannou, senior vice president, Wind.

The Gowon wind farm is the second secured by Alstom in Korea this year.

Alstom has supplied wind turbines for Eurus Energy’s Satomi Wind Farm and is currently supplying turbines to Kawazu Wind Farm in Japan.

Alstom has been present in South Korea for over 45 years and is currently supplying wind turbines to Gimnyeong wind farm.

South Korea imports sources for 96 percent of its energy supply.

Sabeena Wahid