XEMC Windpower taps GE to power offshore wind farms in China


GE announced collaboration with XEMC Windpower, a leading offshore wind OEMs, to power the future offshore wind farms in China.

Under this collaboration, GE’s Power Conversion business will provide 5-megawatt (MW) medium-voltage (MV) converter to XEMC Windpower based on the MV7000 product platform.

The technology will address the concerns around equipment reliability in offshore wind farms.

With prototypes of similar technologies already installed and operational for decades in Europe and China, GE’s 5-MW MV7000 converters are the ideal fit for the rapidly expanding Chinese offshore industry.

MV solutions create less loss compared to their low-voltage counterparts, which is of utmost importance when the wind farms are located far away from the shores.

All converters will be manufactured in GE’s factory located in Shanghai, which aptly demonstrates GE’s commitment of being “In China, For China.”

In addition to the deal, GE’s Grid Solutions business, a sub-business of GE Energy Connections, also offer an optimized solution for smooth grid integration.

China’s offshore wind industry has seen robust growth over the past few years.Chinese government has set up an ambitious plan to achieve 30 GW installations by 2020 in the offshore wind industry.

Rajani Baburajan