Grasslands environmental facility opens at Wyoming

Grasslands Environmental ’s new facility was opened at Bill, Wyoming, a turnkey waste management system designed to cater the disposal and water needs of Wyoming’s oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Operated by GGH Wyoming, the facility will have a pull through commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facility (COWDF), an industrial landfill, a non-potable water supply well, and two Class I injection wells.

Grasslands Environmental will include 10 million cubic yards of airspace for the disposal of produced and flow back water, contaminated soil, and industrial wastes from the oil and gas plant.

The Facility was designed giving priority to personnel and environmental protection, which ensures that trucks are always moving forward to minimize backing. Pull through access is also adapted as one of the safety measures.


Active water transfer, where control over the water is maintained constantly, ensuring a zero- risk of losing containment is another safety feature.

Grasslands was aimed to be a turnkey facility, where company also implemented the latest features and technologies to ensure maximum environmental safety and operational efficiency, said, Ernest Kaufmann, president, Green Group.

From the beginning, it was built by a professional team with experience in the waste, recycling, energy and development industries, added Kaufmann.

Grasslands Environmental began fresh water sales in August 2014 and will begin accepting wastewater late October 2014. The industrial landfill and the deep well injection sites are in the permitting process and expected to be operational in 2015.