Aurora promises big savings with its sales and design software

Aurora, a solar sales and design specialist company, has developed software that helps installers create finalized proposal for projects “in less than 15 minutes”.

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Solar sales and design software play a vital role in the industry today as they help reduce overhead expenses effectively and increase sales and engineering workflows.

Aurora launched the cloud-based sale and design software in January. Since rolling out the product, the company reports, it has designed 550 MW worth of photovoltaic installations. And it is now processing more than 1,000 projects a week from installers across the US and overseas.

The cloud-based software is able to create accurate 3-D models of a site, perform remote shade analysis, and lay out modules within a limited span of time.

NREL has validated the accuracy of the performance engine of Aurora whereas other US firms have tested the shade-assessment tools of the software provider.

According to the company, the software is able to significantly reduce time and cost of installation of projects. It is also able to give installers detailed financial analyses of their solar projects in just a few clicks.

Ajith Kumar S