ISA appoints Ajay Mathur as director general

ISA director general Ajay Mathur

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) on February 15 announced Ajay Mathur as its new director general.

Ajay Mathur replaces Upendra Tripathy, who has served as director general since the ISA was founded in 2015.

ISA, which has 73 member countries, aims to accelerate the demand for and use of safe, sustainable, and affordable solar energy for all. It aims to mobilize over USD 1 trillion of investment into solar projects by 2030 through advocacy, policy and regulatory support, capacity building, and by overcoming perceived investment barriers.

Mathur’s leadership appointment to the ISA takes place in a year when addressing global climate change transition commitments will take center stage: 2021 started with the US’s renewed climate focus through the Biden administration and will culminate with COP26, the UN’s Climate Change Conference in the UK in November.

Ajay Mathur is currently the director general of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). He is a key driver of the energy transition to renewables and reduction in urban air pollution for the past five years.

Ajay Mathur has held leadership appointments at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and the Green Climate Fund. In 2020, he received an IconSWM-CE Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to environmental protection.