Iraq seeks developers for solar, wind projects

Iraq calls for EoI for solar, wind projects

Iraq is set to develop three solar and one wind power project to be sited at Diwania, Najaf and Missan (Maysan) provinces.

The country’s ministry of electricity has invited expressions of interest from foreign companies to build them.

The foreign developers will need to submit their letters of interest along with project feasibility study similar to the one prescribed by the ministry of electricity, preliminary engineering plans, project financing details and reference projects by May 13.

The Iraqi government also has plans to offer various incentives to Potential project developers.

Besides tax and fees exemptions in accordance with investment law provisions, the ministry of electricity, the NIC and provincial governments will facilitate provision of necessary licenses and approvals for the project.

Also, the developers will be provided with the assistance required during the development and operation of the project.

Once the developers have settled financial dues, they would also be vested with the right to repatriate capital, revenue and workers’ fees, the NIC has stated.

The proposed plants are to be of capacity between 5 and 10 MW, Iraq Business News reports.

Two of the solar power projects are to come up at Dagharah and Al-Suniyah in the Diwaniya province. The Dagharah project would come up on a 50-donum (12.5-hectare) area and the Al-Suniyah solar farm would be developed on a 50– to 60-donum (12.5– to 15-hectare) site.

The third solar power project is to come up on a 200-donum (50-hectare) plot at Al Haideriyah in Najaf Province.

The wind power project is to come up at Ali Al Gharbi in Missan Province.

The Iraqi ministry of electricity is developing the projects in coordination with the National Investment Commission (NIC).

Ajith Kumar S