InterSolar: Advanced Energy demos 3-phase inverter for solar projects

Advanced Energy will showcase its 1000 series three-phase string inverter, the AE 3TL 1000 series, at Intersolar, this week in San Francisco.

The AE 3TL 1000 series high voltage inverters are suitable for various applications like rooftop and carport installations, solar power plant and are able to be installed at a modular level within a solar array to increase project yield.

The 1000 series is the newest addition to the AE 3TL line at Intersolar this year. The inverter optimizes space and is flexible for projects with complex design and space constraints.

The AE 3TL 1000 series features 1000 VDC input, vivid monitoring options and has an efficiency of around 98 percent. The power range of the AE 3TL is 12 to 23.2 KW. The 1000 VDC input enables a reduction of balance of system (BoS). The inverter is NEC 690.16b compliant for fuse servicing and weighs just over 100 pounds only.