Holcim US Powers Ahead with Renewable Energy at Fort Totten Concrete Plant


In a significant stride towards sustainable energy practices, Holcim US, a prominent building solutions company, has unveiled the installation of solar arrays at its Fort Totten ready mix concrete plant in Washington, D.C. The move underscores Holcim’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by shifting from fossil fuel-based electricity to renewable energy sources.

Cedric Barthelemy, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Holcim US’ Mid-Atlantic Region, emphasized the necessity for every entity, including concrete suppliers in urban areas, to play a part in energy conservation. “This summer showed why everyone, including a concrete supplier in the middle of a large city, is responsible for reducing energy consumption,” he stated.

The Fort Totten installation, a significant milestone in Holcim’s pursuit of its renewable energy goals, incorporates rooftop solar modules on silos and a dedicated solar module carport. This setup is projected to generate between 1,300 and 1,500 MWh per year of renewable green energy, contributing to the ambitious aim of powering all of Holcim’s US operations with 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Centennial Generating Company spearheaded the project’s development, partnering with Halo, a solar engineering contractor, for construction. Madison Energy Investments (MEI) will take charge of ownership and operations of the installation.

This initiative falls in line with Holcim’s overarching strategy to diversify its sustainable solutions across business units and markets. This encompasses a transition towards low-carbon cement and concrete, electrification of vehicle fleets, and research into innovative carbon capture technologies.

Notably, the Fort Totten project is one of many solar and renewable energy projects in various Holcim facilities across the US, in states including Colorado, New York, Texas, and Michigan. These projects collectively aim to achieve 40 percent wind and solar renewable energy integration across operations by the end of the year, reinforcing Holcim’s commitment to a greener future.