Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE to Deliver Massive Energy Storage Solution to Recurrent Energy’s Papago Storage Project

CSI Solar array

Canadian Solar, a global leader in solar energy solutions, has announced a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector. Its subsidiary, CSI Solar, through its e-STORAGE division, is set to provide an impressive 1,200 MWh (1,519 MWh DC nominal) of energy storage solutions to Recurrent Energy’s Papago Storage project in Arizona.

Recurrent Energy, another subsidiary of Canadian Solar, is anticipated to commence construction on the groundbreaking Papago Storage venture during the third quarter of 2024. This ambitious project is poised to become one of the largest standalone energy storage installations worldwide and the most substantial of its kind in the state of Arizona.

Papago Storage is expected to leverage the advanced capabilities of e-STORAGE’s cutting-edge SolBank battery energy storage solution. Crafted and engineered specifically for utility-scale applications, SolBank represents a remarkable stride toward enhancing energy storage efficiency and sustainability.

e-STORAGE will play a pivotal role in the project by not only supplying and commissioning the complete Battery Energy Storage System, which integrates SolBank with battery inverters and controls, but also providing comprehensive operations, maintenance services, and performance guarantees under an extended 20-year service agreement.

Presently, e-STORAGE operates two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, boasting an impressive collective annual capacity of 10 GWh for the year 2023. Demonstrating its dedication to shaping the future of clean energy solutions, the company has already successfully deployed over 2.7 GWh of battery energy storage solutions across diverse regions including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and China.

The accomplished team at e-STORAGE is poised to continue its mission of delivering scalable, high-quality energy storage solutions that are aligned with the global shift towards sustainable energy practices. With their steadfast commitment, they aim to contribute significantly to the broader adoption of clean energy technologies.

Yan Zhuang, President of CSI Solar, expressed enthusiasm about the forthcoming collaboration, stating, “The SolBank, our proprietary battery storage product, offers best-in-market product safety and cost competitiveness, and this agreement demonstrates our ability to provide battery energy storage solutions at scale and on a timeline that our customers require.”

The partnership between Canadian Solar, its subsidiaries, and the Papago Storage project underscores the crucial role that innovative energy storage solutions play in shaping a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape for future generations. As the construction of Papago Storage takes shape, the world will keenly watch as this remarkable venture ushers in a new era of energy storage capabilities.