Smart grid provider Tantalus appoints Dermot O’Leary as COO

Tantalus, a provider of smart grid communications and applications, today has appointed Dermot O’Leary as chief operating officer.
O’Leary joins Tantalus in this key position as the company paces towards growth and delivery of its newly enhanced communications platform, TUNet.
Peter Londa, president, CEO, Tantalus, stated, “Tantalus is strategically positioned for significant growth. Dermot is joining the team at a time where planning and implementation are necessary to fully leverage the developmental and operational capabilities of our team. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the smart grid industry will serve as an asset to the company while maximizing value for our shareholders.”

Dermot O’Leary is a 35 year veteran of the utility industry, with expertise in all aspects of strategic planning, product development, manufacturing and supply chain processes, customer deployments and international business.

Most recently, he served as Executive Vice President and General Manager for the substation group at BPL Global after Serveron. Prior to that, Dermot spent his career in a number of international executive leadership positions within Schlumberger in roles such as VP and GM and in Schlumberger RMS U.K. and Southern Africa, Managing Director of Schlumberger M&S South Africa, and VP-Sales of Schlumberger Industries North America.

Dermot also served as VP and GM of Cellnet where he was responsible for the Automated Meter Reading unit.

“I am joining the dynamic team at Tantalus, a dedicated firm supporting utilities, which represent a critical segment of the United States utility and power market. Since the development of enhancements to the TUNet platform in 2013, along with the delivery of multiple products, TUNet has been deployed to new customers over the past twelve months. I am ensuring that the company has the necessary resources to deliver the smart grid solutions in this space,” said O’Leary.

At Tantalus, Dermot will be responsible for managing operations by planning and directing resources to enhance operational processes. He will be charged with promoting performance and improvement while maximizing the value of the company for shareholders.