Landys+Gyr’ s technology showcase at European Utility week


European Utility Week is the annual breakthrough event of the European energy sector, bringing together all significant market forces and stakeholders under one roof.

During this event, around ten thousand international smart energy stakeholders will gather in Amsterdam on 4-6 November 2014 to discuss the global energy industry from Renewable Integration to Smart Metering to Smart Cities.

The Landis+Gyr and Toshiba will display their innovative products as well as offer energy-efficient solutions to customers, during this gala.

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A variety of experts will invite visitors to join their panel discussions and presentations on data management, smart metering data access, renewables integration and more, offering insights and enhancing competence.

Gridstream is Landis+Gyr’s smart grid solution based on a modular, interoperable design, updated with enhanced communications security, Gridstream MDMS innovations and new IDIS compliant technologies.


It includes E450 S3 and Gridstream HES Device Gateway, and integration of G3 PLC communications for the future smart grid applications.

In order to retrofit and digitalize utility’s power distribution infrastructure, modular MV/LV Monitoring and Control Solution are adapted in a cost-effective way.

Advanced Grid Analytics leverages the utility data systems for initiating asset performance, reliability, power quality and renewable integration.

Automated Network Management Solution supports utilities to enhance the power grid automation level for innovative supply quality and asset optimization.

Toshiba’s Pluzzy Smart Home Solution offers advanced smart heating and energy management services.

cyberNOC is the Virtual Power Plant by Cybergrid, which is a modular and scalable system, performing as an economical optimizer for flexible Energy Demand Management, forming advanced Demand Response schemes in the near-real time mode.

Sabeena Wahid