Itron unveils Itron CF-UltraMaxx V thermal energy meter

Itron V meter
Itron CF-UltraMaxx V meter

Greentech Lead America: Itron has released a new thermal energy meter based on embedded ultrasonic technology.

The Itron CF-UltraMaxx V meter is a compact meter with advanced smart metering features for data analysis. It helps utilities more reliably and accurately measure energy in heating and cooling systems as well as provides data about usage patterns.

Itron CF-UltraMaxx V meter

The smart meter features a broad dynamic range to measure very high and low energy flow for residential areas. This new meter is available in capsule or in inline versions. The capsule version is modular and can be exchanged without removing the meter housing from the pipes. Both versions are quick and easy to install.

Itron’s latest thermal energy meter provides detailed information about the operation of heating and cooling systems over time, including flow rate, volume, consumption and tariffs. It is designed with flexible communications options and can be tailored to customers’ specifications as well as the geography of the area where the meter is installed.

The thermal meter also comes with two major innovations: a unique removable calculator that can be fixed on the meter in any position, offering a high level of readability; and a patented sensor sealing which makes the installation of sensors safer for engineers by automatically locking the seal so the meter is protected against fraud.

“The latest innovation, operating range and flexibility of Itron’s compact thermal energy meter is an exciting new offering for our customers,” said Gavin Van Tonder, vice president of water marketing for Itron. “With the advancements in this product, Itron is providing one of the most flexible thermal energy meters available.”

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