Itron partners with Wasion Group to deliver OpenWay Riva IoT solution

Openway Riva

Itron, a provider of technology and services for energy and water industry, has partnered with Wasion Group, an energy measurement instrument, system and service supplier in China, to expand Itron’s OpenWay Riva ecosystem.

Wasion Group is the leading supplier of high-end measurement products in China and provides metering technology to utilities throughout the world.

Wasion Group will develop and deliver OpenWay Riva-enabled Wasion electricity meters to expand customer choice and capabilities in markets throughout the world.

Itron’s OpenWay Riva IoT solution provides distributed intelligence and computing power in meters and grid devices, enabling real-time analysis of data and peer-to-peer communication among intelligent devices at the edge of the network.

Thanks to the adaptive communications technology, OpenWay Riva delivers high-performance communications with assured connectivity using one unified network and communication solution.

The standards-based, highly secure network can readily accept new devices from a growing ecosystem of third-party technologies, now including the OpenWay Riva-enabled Wasion meter.

With OpenWay Riva technology embedded in Wasion electricity meters, utilities will have another choice of metering platform to enable highly differentiated capabilities and value for their smart metering projects.

Customers benefit from high-performance communications with assured connectivity in all types of services environments as well as data processing power in edge devices to provide unprecedented grid awareness that extends to every service delivery point.

With these capabilities OpenWay Riva-equipped meters can deliver applications that provide significant improvements in grid reliability, efficiency and safety, as well as a powerful platform to deliver new services to customers, Itron said.

Rajani Baburajan