Honeywell and TEDA launch Smart Grid project in China

Honeywell and TEDA launch Smart Grid project in China

Honeywell announced its agreement with the Tianjin
Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) to implement China’s first Smart
Grid Demand Response project.

Chinese and United States governments through the
U.S.-China Energy Cooperation Program (ECP) are sponsoring the Demand Response
System Pilot. The program focuses to develop a nationwide set of smart grid
industry standards and regulations in China.

The diversified engineering giant Honeywell will conduct
a demonstration project using its automated demand response technology at
select facilities within the TEDA development area.

Honeywell’s smart grid technology and
expertise connects the utility allows customers to automatically adjust energy
consumption to reduce demands on the energy grid.

The project will help TEDA improve its investment and
operational profile, as well as make a contribution to energy efficiency and
the environment.

“This is a very important energy saving initiative for
TEDA on our mission to build a resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly
environment. We are committed to making this pilot project successful, and look
forward to deploying the Auto DR technology more broadly in the future,” said
Ai Yaming, deputy director of TEDA.

Honeywell’s Auto DR technology helps reduce greenhouse
gas emissions and the need to run expensive ‘peak power’ plants, which
typically sit idle until customers require more electricity than the utility is
able to provide using its primary, base-load generators.

China is expected to spend RMB 1.5 trillion on its energy
infrastructure during the 12th Five-Year Guideline period ending in 2015, with
the long-term goal of having a robust smart grid operational throughout the
country by 2020.

“With the unique combination of advanced technology and
energy experience and expertise from Honeywell, I am sure this demonstration
project will not only bring economic benefits to TEDA, but will support the
development of relevant standards and regulations for the broader deployment of
smart grid solutions in China,” said Stephen Shang, president of Honeywell

Honeywell recently announced
that its adsorbent ion exchange products are successfully being used by Toshiba
and Shaw Global Services LLC for the cleanup of radiation-contaminated water at
the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

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