AutoGrid Systems selected by Electro Power Systems

AutoGrid Systems

AutoGrid Systems, a provider of big data analytics and control software for the electricity and energy industry, announced that Electro Power Systems (EPS), a provider of smart oxygen and hydrogen-based integrated systems for clean energy storage, has selected AutoGrid’s Predictive Controls technology to build and operate Software-Defined Power Plants with their energy storage systems.

AutoGrid  Predictive Controls technology provides EPS customers with the ability to forecast, optimize and control a portfolio of energy storage systems, along with other distributed energy resources such as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, solar power systems and demand response resources, in real-time and at scale.

These software capabilities enable EPS customers to create Software-Defined Power Plants that aggregate storage and other distributed energy resources into a single flexible dispatch-grade resource, which they can use to reduce their demand charges, to participate in utility demand response programs or to trade directly in electricity markets, the company said.

“AutoGrid’s software will accelerate the deployment of storage technology into the grid,” said Carlalberto Guglielminotti, CEO of Electro Power Systems.

“By enabling our customers to use their energy storage systems to reduce demand charges and participate in utility grid flexibility programs and electricity markets, AutoGrid’s Software-Defined Power Plant significantly increases the value of our energy storage systems,” Guglielminotti added.

Rajani Baburajan