Yotta Energy Raises $8 mn in VC Funding to Accelerate Solar+Storage Solutions

Yotta Energy's solar+storage solutions

Yotta Energy, a provider of innovative solar+storage solutions, has successfully raised $8 million in a VC funding round, with Evergy Ventures leading the investment.

Strategic investors BlueScope and Cricetus Felix Ventures, along with existing investors Copec WIND Ventures, EDP Ventures, Doral Tech Ventures, and the SWAN Impact Fund, also participated. The funds raised will be utilized to scale up manufacturing and accelerate the deployment of Yotta Energy’s SolarLEAF battery technology.

Yotta Energy has established a strong foothold in the commercial building sector with its proprietary solar+storage architecture, addressing a major challenge in solar energy utilization — intermittency. Their energy storage technology is uniquely designed to be seamlessly integrated and installed alongside solar Photovoltaic systems, streamlining technical design and construction processes, ultimately saving customers up to 40 percent compared to separate energy storage projects.

Yotta Energy is expanding its network of certified developers and installers, including notable collaborations with Teylon and E2SOL to deploy solar+storage architecture for major national retailers.

Brock Smith, Managing Director at Evergy Ventures, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Yotta Energy in their journey to revolutionize the commercial building sector with their innovative solar+storage technology.

He emphasized that Yotta Energy’s approach to addressing intermittency challenges in solar energy is truly game-changing and aligns perfectly with the vision of advancing clean and sustainable energy solutions. Smith affirmed their excitement to support Yotta Energy in expanding commercial deployment and contributing to a greener, more resilient energy future for businesses globally.

Omeed Badkoobeh, CEO of Yotta Energy, emphasized that this new funding round solidifies Yotta Energy’s position as a leading player in the solar+storage domain. He highlighted the growing market interest in solar, energy storage systems (ESS), and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Additionally, Yotta Energy’s recent entry into the GSA Green Proving Ground program, providing access to deploy their technology across government buildings, further positions the company to deliver optimal project economics at scale. Badkoobeh expressed confidence in Yotta Energy’s ability to drive positive change and make a lasting impact on the global transition to renewable energy, particularly with Evergy Ventures as a strategic partner.